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We are no longer in business. If you are interested in purchasing this website please contact us info@URinControl.com


Freestyle Maxi Briefs

Maximum protection for moderate to heavy incontinent requirements or Night-time use. Freestyle Maxi Briefs fit snugly and comfortably, with a waterproof outer barrier, providing the best protection against leakage. Use with Freestyle Liners for Added Absorbancy.

Quantity Description Price
Junior Maxi Brief - 22"-26" (58-66 cm) waist $28.99
Small Maxi Brief - 26"-32" (66-81 cm) waist $32.99
Medium Maxi Brief - 30"-38" (76-97 cm) waist $35.99
Large Maxi Brief - 36"-44" (92-112 cm) waist $39.99
2/pk Liners for extra absorbency $10.99

Priva All-in-One Adult Brief

All-In-One Washable Brief Provides Protection for Heavy Incontinence. Ultra-Fit Briefs Can Be Worn Discreetly Under Clothing for Complete Protection Day and Night. Adjustable Snap Closures and Elasticized Legs Help Provide a Secure No Leak Fit. Sturdy Rust Proof Snaps Which Have Proven to Stand-up Remarkably Well Against Rough Usage and Many Washes. Antibacterial Protection Resists Bacteria and Odours. Soft Cotton Polyest Terry Knit Lining with 100% Waterproof Outer Layer. Machine Washable/Dryable.

Quantity Description Price
Small Priva Brief - 24"-32" (61-81 cm) waist $29.99
Medium Priva Brief - 30"-38" (76-97 cm) waist
Large Priva Brief - 36"-44" (92-112 cm) waist
2/pk Liners for extra absorbency $10.99


Freestyle Lightweight Waterproof Wraps/Covers

Lightweight maximum protection garment for all incontinence.
Use with Liners for light to moderate incontinence, or use the Waterproof Wrap for a cover over any type of Cloth Diaper.

Quantity Description Price
Small Adult Wrap - 22"-28" (56-71 cm) waist $23.99
Medium Adult Wrap - 30"-36" (76-91 cm) waist $25.99
Large Adult Wrap - 38"-44" (92-112 cm) waist $27.99
4/pk Liners $18.99


Washable Brief Liners

Ultra-absorbent 2/pk washable liners can be used with all incontinence briefs for maximum absorbency.
Ultra-absorbent 4/pk washable liners can be used in conjunction with waterproof wraps for protection against light to moderate incontinence.
Machine Washable/Dryable.

Quantity Description Price
2/pk Liners for extra absorbency $10.99
4/pk Liners for use with Wraps $18.99


Freestyle Mini Briefs

Freestyle Mini Briefs for Men and Women with light to moderate urinary incontinence. Easily worn under clothing with adjustable elastic belt, waterproof outer barrier, and pull-on design.

Quantity Description Price
Small Mini Brief - 24"-32" (61-81 cm) waist $17.99
Medium Mini Brief - 28"-38" (71-97 cm) waist $18.99
Large Mini Brief - 36"-45" (92-115 cm) waist $19.99
2/pk Liners for extra absorbency $10.99

Priva Adult Waterproof Pull-On Pant

For dependable discreet protection. Quiet-soft vinyl eliminates embarrassing crinkling sounds. Antibacterial for odour control. Comfortable elastic at waist and leg. Stays soft wash after wash. Latex free.

Quantity Description Price
Medium Priva Waterproof Pant - 26"-34" (66-87 cm) waist $5.99
Large Priva Waterproof Pant - 34"-42" (87-107 cm) waist $5.99
X-Large Priva Waterproof Pant - 42"-52" (107-132 cm)waist $5.99
XX-Large Priva Waterproof Pant - 52"-60" (132-152 cm)waist $5.99