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Absorbency Capabilities


Laboratory Tested To Absorb Over Six Times Their Weight.



Milliliters     Ounces    Cups   
Medium Sized Mini Brief                450 15.0 1.88
Medium Sized Maxi Brief 900 30.0 3.75
Bed Pad with handles 1800 60.0 7.50
Chair Pad 500 16.0 2.00
Maxi Brief Garment Liner 200 6.5 0.82


In an independent test conducted by the United States Testing Company of Hoboken, New Jersey, Report # 018101, FREESTYLE garments absorbed 6.39 times their weight in liquid, for an absorbency percentage of 639.2%.


The average adult will feel the urgency to empty his/her bladder when the bladder becomes filled with 300 to 400 milliliters of liquid.


The total liquid capacity for both the Mini and Maxi briefs will vary slightly according to size.


However, a smaller person will, of course, have a smaller bladder and therefore a lower absorbency requirement.


Liquid quickly moves through a soft brushed polyester layer into the poly rayon inner soaker, leaving a dry sensation next to the skin which helps prevent bed sores and skin irritations.